Beehive Entrance Feeder with Jar


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When natural food sources are unavailable to bees, use this beehive entrance feeder to nourish them with simple syrup. It holds 1 quart, and the tray can extend into the hive. The base of the feeder is durable and made of high-impact plastic.

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Provide bees with alternative food sustenance when natural supplies are scarce. Bee feeders are excellent devices that install at the entrance of the beehive. This bee feeder holds approximately 1 quart of simple syrup to lure bees. The base of the feeder is constructed from high-impact plastic and the tray is extended so the feed is accessible inside the hive. You can easily monitor the feed levels by the clear jar without disturbing the bees. It also detaches easily for cleaning purposes.

  • Beehive Entrance Feeder with Jar
  • Base construction: High-impact plastic
  • Extended tray for easy hive access
  • 1 quart capacity
  • For simple syrup
  • Easily view feed levels
  • Bees can come and go
  • Easy to clean

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