Tips for Transporting Agricultural Equipment

Planes, trains and automobiles. That’s a list of things that are easy to move. When it comes to agricultural equipment however, moving it more than a cornfield away can be a difficult, costly and a sometimes-dangerous proposition. Whether you’re ... Read More

What a Stump Jumper Can Do for You

Stump jumpers, also called blade pans, are made to minimize damage to rotary mower blades from foreign objects like roots, stumps and rocks that dull or chip your blades. A stump jumper is the center part of the thick metal blades that spin ... Read More

When is a Rotary Mower Your Best Bet?

Driven by the PTO (power take off), rotary mowers easily attach behind your tractor a three-point hitch. What makes a rotary mower different from a standard lawnmower? Designed to be strong enough to tackle some of the toughest mowing chores, ... Read More

How to Maintain Your Mower for Excellent Performance

Why is mower maintenance so important? Because your lawn mower is one of your most important tools and one of the tools you will use most often. Additionally, a good lawn mower is an investment. Because of this, the last thing you want to do is ... Read More

Choosing Your 12-Volt Sprayer Pump

A quality 12 volt sprayer pump will serve you well for many agricultural applications, gardening tasks, and outdoor uses. A 12v sprayer pump, attached to your tractor or ATV, can help you accomplish big tasks efficiently. Among some of the handiest ... Read More

How to Have Your Most Beautiful Lawn Ever

It’s common to start the springtime with grand ideas about your lawn, garden, and landscape. After all, there are so many fun projects to be done! However, unless you plan properly, you can find throughout the months that things aren’t thriving as ... Read More

Deciding on a Spraying Technique that Works for You

It’s the time of year to begin thinking about spring gardening, landscaping, and growing. In the midst of all the exciting possibilities, however, we also need to remember that less-exciting maintenance and prevention activities must take place, ... Read More

Selecting the Best Fuel Pump for Sale

Fuel transfer pumps provide the safest and most efficient means of conveying fuel to a desired location. A good fuel transfer tank with pump can deliver gasoline and other liquids quickly, making your fuel transferring tasks that much easier. So, ... Read More

Why We're Proud of Our Selection of Fill-Rite Pumps

Fill-Rite pumps are one of the top choices you can make for your fuel and chemical transferring jobs. So, what is it that makes choosing a Fill-Rite fuel transfer pump a better choice than many other brands? The important things to look for in a ... Read More

Handy Power Sources on the Farm

Sometimes a source of power is required, but is tough to come by, especially in distant areas on the field. Thankfully, with the help of a 540 PTO gearbox, a 540 PTO shaft, and the right PTO shaft parts, power transmission can be achieved for a ... Read More

Safety with PTO Equipment

The PTO drive shaft on a tractor can distribute the energy required to run PTO-driven tools and machinery. A 540 PTO shaft rotates very fast – much faster than the operator of a PTO-driven implement can move. This potent equipment is extremely ... Read More

Choosing the Best Bale Moving Equipment

When it comes to bale moving – one of the toughest tasks on the farm – farmers have a lot of options in the type of bale moving equipment they choose to employ for the task. That means, however, it’s best to consider all the options carefully, and ... Read More

Three Essential Tools for Life on a Small Farm

With so many options in farm equipment for sale to choose from, which tools do most farmers deem truly essential? Even with daily advances in agricultural science, the answer tends to remain the same. Though the types of equipment may vary, the ... Read More

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Farming Equipment?

Farming today has more diverse methods and innovations in equipment and parts than ever, with an added focus on rapidity and efficiency. Any experienced farmer will tell you, however, that speed without precision is useless – you also have to have ... Read More

Late Summer or Fall Gardening

We have reached the middle of the year and many gardens and farms have already harvested or are being harvested now. So, what do we do with the rest of the garden now? Why not enter the "second season" of gardening? July and August are great months ... Read More

Lawnmower Maintenance Tips for Lasting Success

Too many of us have had the experience of preparing for the task of mowing, only to discover that our mower will not start, or that it isn't in optimum working condition. This often happens because we've neglected to provide the maintenance ... Read More

Box Blades: How Might One Make Your Work Easier?

If you have a tractor, you probably know how much can be accomplished by having the right implements and attachments. The most basic machinery can, in fact, accomplish some of the toughest work when you know how to use it well. A tough, quality, ... Read More

Custer's LED Technology Lights the Way

Custer Products' range of high-performance lights most frequently utilize light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to achieve bright beam patterns, while keeping energy usage to a minimum. LED's have been around for decades, so why are they suddenly so popular ... Read More

PTO Basics

So, you bought a tractor, have some land and now ready to get the Earth ready for planting. The PTO shaft is a very important piece of equipment for your tractor, as transport power from the tractor to the equipment behind the tractor. ... Read More

How to Measure Lawn Mower Blades

What are some of the signs that it might be time to replace your lawn mower blade? If the mower is not cutting well or skipping spots, it's probably time. For mowers with more than one blade, you may notice that you don't seem to get the full ... Read More

Handy Tools and Tips for Maintaining Your Tractor

Before you start to consider tractor attachments and tractor accessories for sale, think about the state of your current equipment. You want to be sure tractor attachments for gardening and tractor attachment parts are attached to equipment that's ... Read More

Top Six Tractor Attachments to Make Your Life Easier

You'd be surprised to learn how many tractor attachments are available for sale. There are parts and attachments available to make your tractor useful in hundreds of ways you may not have even imagined. And while it's great to have all these ... Read More

Keulavator™ for Cultivating

The Keulavator™ is a category 1 cultivator frame that allows you to hill, shape, ridge, and bed your garden or farm. During the phase of tilling before planting, this cultivator can be used with a number of attachments like sweeps, hillers, ... Read More

How to Season Cast Iron

Cast Iron typically receives its share of wear and tear. Skillets, Dutch Ovens, Griddles, and Pots can get rusty over time but can easily be brought back to life with seasoning. If you have just recently purchased some cast iron cookware, you can ... Read More

Disc Blade Terminology & Usage

Disc blades, or disc harrow blades, are used to till soil before planting crops or at the end of the season to chop up the unwanted remainders. The main types of disc harrow blades are notched disc blades and plain disc blades, distinguished by the edge of the blade ... Read More

How to Make Your Own Poultry Waterer

The following instructions will show you how to build a vertical waterer. This waterer can be used in a simple or complex watering system. Through a series of PVC piping, you can connect your waterer to a 5 gallon bucket, small holding tank or a water hose ... Read More