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Blue Pond Water Colorant, 500,000 Gallon

Item #101276
After the processes of eliminating organic growth in your ponds, add pond colorant to the water to keep algae from growing. This Healthy Ponds® blue pond water colorant shields the water from the sun, which helps the development of algae. 1 pack can serve 500,000 gallons.
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Product Overview

Continue treating ponds and lakes after the water is clear and free of green growth. Adding colorant to the water helps prevent the growth from coming back and stops algae from forming. This blue pond dye works by placing one of the soluble bags in the water. The bags contain the dye that are separately encased in hard shells like pieces of candy. Within 24 hours the water is then shaded from the sun and the color changes to a more blue appearance. Direct sunlight causes algae to grow. This pond dye is free of sulcates so it is safe for fish, plants, wildlife and people. The colorant will work for 30 days.

  • Healthy Ponds® Blue Pond Water Colorant by Bioverse
  • 1 pack for 500,000 gallons
  • After water has reached clarity
  • Coats water, protected from sun
  • Safe for animals, plants and people
  • Sulfate free
  • Takes 24 hours to dissolve completely
  • Works for 30 days
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