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Oregon® Paper Air Filter to fit Briggs, 30-074

Item #56777
Change out air filters to create a cleaner atmosphere for your engine. This 30-074 Briggs Paper Air Filter his small holes that collect unwanted, dirt, debris and dust, and help keep them from affecting the engine. It measures 9 inches long x 3-1/8 inches wide x 1-1/2 inches tall and fits a variety of models listed below.
Product Overview

Your Briggs air filter should be replaced every year to maintain optimal engine performance. Use our Oregon 30-074 Replacement Briggs and Stratton air filter to save money while improving the performance of your equipment. Tiny holes trap dust and dirt particles, allowing your engine to run smoothly.

This high quality part replaces the Briggs & Stratton 698083, 697634, and 697014, 795115, 797008, 794422 as well as the 284H07, 285H07, 285H77, 286H77, 30E707, 31E777, 31F707, 31F777 and 31H777 series engines. It also fits the 14-17.5HP I/C, Intek, OHV and AVS engines. It measures 9" L x 3-1/8" W x 1-1/2" H.

For the best results, we recommend changing your filter every year. You should also change them whenever they appear dusty or dirty, or at the beginning of the season. When in doubt, change it out.


  • To Fit:
    • Briggs & Stratton - OEM # 698083, 697634, 795115, 697014
  • Fits 284H07, 285H07, 285H77, 286H77, 30E707, 31E777, 31F707, & 31H777 series engines
  • For 14-17.5 HP, I/C, Intek, OHV, & AVS
  • 9" L x 3-1/8" W x 1-1/2" H
  • Use ASC # 56778 as foam pre-cleaner

Fits the following model series

  • 280H00, 280J00,281H00, 282H00, 283H00, 284H00, 285H00, 286H00, 31A500, 31A600, 31A700, 31B700, 31C700, 31D700, 31E500, 31E600, 31E700, 31F700, 31G700, 31H700, 31M900, 31N600, 31N700, 31P600, 31P700, 31P800, 31P900, & 31Q700
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