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.22 Caliber Ripcord®

Perform proper firearm maintenance by using this Ripcord® by Otis. This firearm Ripcord® is sized for .22 calibers and it cleans them from Breech-to-Muzzle®. Ideal to use after firearms have operated to keep barrel clear and safe for use.
Product Overview

The core on this Otis Ripcord® is made from rubberized helix formed over Memory-Flex® cable. The exterior construction consists of Rigid Nomex® fibers that are designed to loosen and trap residue and fouling from the barrel. The exterior is resistant to heat up to 700° F. This cord also features dual brass ends with 8-32 thread attachments for caliber cleaning brushes. Made to fit a .22, this caliber Ripcord® is also available in additional sizes.

  • Caliber Ripcord®
  • Firearm maintenance tool
  • Cleans firearms from Breech-to-Muzzle®
  • Size: .22
  • Core material: Rubberized helix over Memory-Flex® cable
  • Core puts pressure on barrel for efficient cleaning process
  • Exterior construction: Rigid Nomex® fibers
  • Heat resistance: Up to 700° F
  • Dual brass ends with 8-32 threads
  • Ends designed for brush attachments
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