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Camping Chairs, Cots, & Tables

Agri Supply ® carries a wide variety of outdoor and camping furniture. Whether you are wanting a folding, collapsible, chair or table or a tent with a zero gravity chair to match. Agri Supply® can help your camping weekend be a relaxing and comfortable trip. Needing an airbed or cot to go inside the tent or to keep at your house, or even a stadium chair to go watch your favorite team, Agri Supply® can get you outfitted for any occasion.

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Seafood Serving Table 42 Square
image Seafood Serving Table 42-inches Square
Item # 115740
$144.99 EA
Freestyle Rocker Chair Blue
image GCI Outdoor™ Freestyle Rocker Chair, Blue
Item # 119226
$69.99 EA
Zero Gravity King Size Chair
image Carolina Covers® Zero Gravity King Size Chair
Item # 103193
$60.99 EA
Compact Camp Table 20 Alum Frame
image GCI Outdoor® Compact Camp Table 20™ , aluminum Frame
Item # 119868
$39.99 EA
Carolina Covers® Zero Gravity Chair
image Carolina Covers® Zero Gravity Chair
Item # 87591
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars
$55.99 EA
Lacing Kit F/ Zero Gravity Chair
image Carolina Covers® Lacing Kit For Zero Gravity Chairs
Item # 104275
$10.99 EA
Green Folding Table with Cup Holders
image Carolina Covers® Folding Table with Cup Holders
Item # 101343
$13.88 EA
Green Folding Cot
image Carolina Covers® Green Folding Cot
Item # 101342
$47.88 EA
Slim Fold Cook Station
image Slim Fold Cook Station
Item # 119229
$99.99 EA
Adult Camping Chair, Camouflage Pattern
image Carolina Covers® Camouflage Camping Chair
Item # 101617
$16.88 EA
Kids Blue Folding Camping Chair
image Carolina Covers® Kids Folding Camping Chair
Item # 101341
$14.88 EA
Calypso Cabana
image Calypso Cabana
Item # 72560
$45.88 EA