High Pressure Cast Iron Burner, 100,000 BTUs


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Keep your portable high pressure cookers and fryers in working order by replacing your old clogged burners with new high pressure cast iron burners. An air shutter and brass orifice comes with this cast iron burner. The air shutter will help you regulate the mixture of air and gas flow to the cast iron burner to create an appropriate flame. This burner can produce 100,000 BTUs.

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Constructed of cast iron, this high pressure burner (BG-14) is rated at 100,000 BTUs. The cast iron burner is approximately 10 inches in diameter and is 15-1/2 inches long. The burner comes with ASC #72051 (brass fitting) and an air shutter. The air shutter is adjustable to regulate the air to gas mixture for the flame performance.

  • Model BG-14
  • Cast iron high pressure burner
  • Approximately 10 in. diameter
  • 15-1/2 in. long
  • 100,000 BTUs
  • Four mounting screws on 8 in. circular spacing
  • Comes with the brass fitting orifice and air shutter
  • For a replacement shutter and screw use ASC #87511

Carolina Cooker High Pressure Cast Iron Burner, 100,000 BTUs in Burners and Cast Iron & Cooking Supplies at Agri Supply ®.

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3 Stars Gas Burner - Rating is way off

Mechanical Engineer, Power Business from PA wrote (June 06, 2012):

The claim is that this burner will put out 210,000 BTU per hour, I bought one and tested it. Only about 35,000 BTU/hr capacity on Propane. More gas flow only results in flame liftoff, a common limit for asperating gas burners. The previous review stated that 12 Gallons of water brought to boil in about 30 minutes, that is about 27,000 BTU per hour heat absorbtion, way way way less than 210,000

5 Stars The great banjo

I've been a Home Brewer for about 2 1/2 yaers now. from TX wrote (March 03, 2012):

I'm a Beer Home Brewer. Brewing beer is the same as any other cooking, you have to follow a recipe, and instructions. This hobby can be as simple, or difficult as you make it. I've chosen the more difficult direction. In this process large quantities of water. Hence the need for a large heat source. The banjo 14 burner is 210,000 BTU's of quite heat. I have used other types of burners. They were loud, and slow to bring water to a boil. With the Banjo 14 I am able to get 12 gallons of water to a boil in just 25 to 30 minutes. That is half the time of any other burner I've used. And they are so quite I have to some times check to make sure they are lite. I'm glad these great burners are available. Thanks Glen Montgomery, Texas

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