Oregon® M72 Micro Lite Replacement 18 inches Chainsaw Chain


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A sharp replacement chainsaw chain is useful when needing to create smooth and efficient cuts. This M72 Micro-Lite chain fits a large variety of different chain saws. The low profile feature directs the little kickback action to be safer when the nose touches an object.

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Replacing chainsaw chains are essential to maintaining safe and precise cuts. This M72 Micro-Lite chain is an ideal low profile chain because it allows the kickback to react safer. It offers a smooth cutting performance with a notched bumper drive that improves the chip flow and features less clogging.


  • Oregon® brand
  • Model number: M72
  • Pitch: 0.325
  • Gauge: 0.050
  • Length: 18 inches
  • For most types of cutting
  • Intended for commercial woodcutters or occasional use
  • Perfect for cutters who prefer 0.25 inches pitch saws
  • Fits saws from 2.2-2.8 cubic inches & D with bars from 13-20 inches
  • Use with narrow kerf designed bars
  • Fits Husqvarna brand saws
  • Low kickback performance

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