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Complete Beehive, 10-Frame

Item #89157
For backyard beekeepers, this completely assembled beehive is made of unfinished pine and is a 10-frame standard Langstroth Hive. Interlocking box joints provide maximum strength and the black foundation allows you to easily view the bees and hive activity. A vented inner cover reduces condensation and you can monitor mite presence using the screened bottom board with a grid.
Product Overview


  • Complete Beehive, 10-frame Langstroth Hive
  • Construction: Unfinished pine
  • Interlocking box joints
  • Telescoping outer cover
  • Vented inner cover
  • 9-1/2 in. deep hive body
  • 9-1/8 in. wooden frames
  • Black plastic foundation
  • Mite Grid
  • Entrance reducer
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