Country Feeds® Layer 16% Pellet Feed, 50 Lb.


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Formulated for layer chickens, this balanced Country Feeds® Layer 16% Feed does not require any supplement. Whether your hens are free-range or home-raised, they will be sure to produce hard-shelled eggs with a golden yolk.

Keep your layer chickens healthy and happy with the Country Feeds® Layer 16% Feed. Formulated for a natural, balanced nutrition, this poultry food supports your chicken's immune system and aids in the production of fresh, hard-shelled eggs. The resulting eggs also have a golden yolk that will not turn runny in the pan. To help with digestion, probiotics, prebiotics, and yest culture are added to the feed, though there are no hormones or antibiotics. A high protein and calcium level promotes the health and egg production of your hens.

  • Nutrena® Country Feeds® Layer 16% Feed poultry food
  • 50 lb. bag
  • Pellet form
  • Vegetarian
  • No added antibiotics or hormones
  • Blended for layer chickens
  • Marigold extract for golden yolks
  • Probiotics, prebiotics, and yeast culture
  • No supplement required
Guaranteed Nutrient Analysis
  • Crude protein: 16%
  • Crude fat: 2.5%
  • Crude fiber: 6%
  • Calcium: 3.7% - 3.9%
We also offer chick feed, scratch grains, and corn feed within our poultry food section.

Nutrena LAYER 16 PELLET POULTRY FEED (50 in Poultry Feed and Livestock & Pets at Agri Supply ®.

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