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Cowboy's Wild Jumbo Game Washer

Item #117448
The Jumbo Game Washer can clean hog quarters, deer quarters, fish, and birds in minutes. Made in the USA, this is a must-have for avid game hunters.
Product Overview

Are you tired of making a mess in the sink and only being able to wash one piece of game at a time? This Jumbo Game Washer can feather, scale & debris deer/hog quarters and upland game birds.


  • Cowboy's Wild Game brand
  • Model number: JWGN
  • Jumbo Game Washer
  • Holds 60 qt./16 gallons/60 liters
  • Width: 21-1/2"
  • Depth: 15"
  • Floats and flushes feathers, scales & debris
  • Clean's in minutes
  • Cleans quartered game, fish fillets & breasted birds
  • Features an open bottom drain
  • Game is cleaned from blood, hair, feathers & other debris
  • Can be used on dove, fish, quail, ducks, pheasants, geese, deer/hog quarters and much more

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