Pennington® Series Crabgrass Preventer W/ Fertilizer


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This crabgrass preventer 16-0-3 is a pre-emergence herbicide that will provide a residual control of the many grasses and broadleaf weeds in your lawn.

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This Pennington® Signature Series™ crabgrass preventer plus fertilizer will control: barnyard grass, annual bluegrass (Poa Annua), carpetweed, common chickweed, mouse ear chickweed (from seed), crabgrass (large, smooth), crow foot grass, cupgrass, woolly, foxtails, goosegrass, henbit, itchgrass, johnsongrass (from seed), junglerice, knotweed, kochia, lambsquarter, lovegrass, panicum (Texas, fall, browntop), pigweed, purslane, pusley and Florida rescue grass.

  • 3- to 5-month weed grass control
  • Contains slow-release nitrogen for extended feeding
  • 16-0-3
  • Prevents crabgrass
  • Provides residual control of many grass and broadleaf weeds in established lawns
  • 16 lb. bag
  • Phosphate free fertilizer
  • Covers 5,000 sq. ft.
  • Easy to apply with spreader
  • Use only as directed
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