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Agri Supply currently stocks 5 different styles of mechanic creepers and seats. Mechanic creepers and seats have many different uses other than mechanical repairs and maintenance. Creepers will let you stay comfortable and mobile and are perfect for working on low areas and prevent the need to bend, stoop, or kneel. The seats have storage trays under them that are a great place to keep your tools.

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4 Position Headrest Shop Creeper
image 4 Position Headrest Shop Creeper
Item # 50086
$65.99 EA
Creeper Seat
image Creeper - W/Seat
Item # 20549
$39.99 EA
Performance Tool Pneumatic Swivel Bar Stool, W85011
image Performance Tool Pneumatic Swivel Bar Stool
Item # 115671
$94.99 EA
1 Step Metal Folding Step Stool
image 1 Step Aluminum Folding Step Stool
Item # 117390
$24.99 EA
6 Wheel Shop Steel Creeper
image 6 Wheel Shop Steel Creeper
Item # 20546
$49.99 EA
In stores only
4 Wheel Shop Creeper
image 4 Wheel Shop Creeper
Item # 57600
$48.99 EA
Pneumatic Creeper Seat
image Pneumatic Creeper Seat
Item # 57602
$37.99 EA

With handy mechanic creepers from the workshop equipment department at Agri Supply, your repair jobs will go more smoothly. We carry garage stools and shop creepers that are built to take on hard-to-reach repair work. Some mechanic seats, like our six-wheel shop steel creepers, feature a padded bench along with all-steel construction. These efficient creeper seats have six wheels with rotating casters for movement in any direction quickly and easily.

Mechanic creepers are essential workshop tools for making repairs in your garage or shop. We stock vital garage stools that can help you take on car repairs but these mechanic seats are also great for other jobs around the house. Mechanic seats prevent you from having to bend or stoop for long periods, so they can be utilized for home plumbing and electrical jobs, too. Use the quality creeper seats anytime you have to tackle a project in a low area.

If you're hunting for mechanic creepers that you can depend on to get into tight spaces that are difficult to work in, then discover the workshop tools section at Agri Supply. We have several garage stools to choose from including six-wheel creepers seats.

When you need mechanic creepers, investigate the many we have at Agri Supply. We stock vertical garage stools with pneumatic seats that run about 16 1/2 inches tall. These durable mechanic seats sport round, padded seats that move up and down for easy height adjustment for whatever job you're on. Pneumatic creeper seats like this have a capacity of 300 pounds and four strong wheels set with rotating casters.

Purchase mechanic creepers, and they'll quickly prove to be indispensible equipment around your workshop or garage. That's because garage stools like those in our workshop supplies section can do more than just help out with fixing-up your car in the garage. Use versatile mechanic seats around your home when there's a maintenance or repair task that requires you to bend or stoop for long periods of time. Creeper seats and garage stools will become handy co-workers for kitchen repairs or other plumbing and electrical jobs.

If you're looking for mechanic creepers in several varieties and shapes, we've got you covered at Agri Supply. Our garage stools and mechanic seats include strong, well-constructed steel creepers such as our six-wheel shop creeper with a comfortably padded bench. Another of our durable mechanic seats is actually a floor jack set that comes with two jacks and a floor creeper with a lockable, hinged frame for easy folding when you're done. These creeper seats are a smart bargain, especially for heavy-duty lifting jobs because the jacks have a weight capacity of two tons.

Quality, highly functional mechanic creepers are just part of the store at Agri Supply, and we're known as the place with something for everyone. Beyond the garage stools and mechanic creepers in our store, we offer more than 26,000 other products for farm, shop and home and garden. After purchasing mechanic seats for your garage or workshop, browse around and find more for your home here. Along with creeper seats and workshop supplies, we also stock 250,000 lawn mower blades to fit up to 800 plus mower applications and over 70 name brand mowers.