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CV PTO Shaft, 1-3/4 inches 20 Spline x 1-3/8 inches 21 Spline

This Eurocardan® PTO assembly is designed for use with rotary cutters. This power take off shaft is typically used with pull type cutters. On the tractor end the shaft has a 1-3/4 in. 20 spline metal collar and on the implement end it has a 1-3/8 in., 21 spline. Collapsed length of the series 8 shaft is 55 inches.
Product Overview
At Agri Supply® we carry an extensive line of Eurocardan® PTO shafts. This PTO shaft assembly is designed for use with pull type rotary cutter and is 55 inches long collapsed. It has a 1-3/4 inch 20 spline tractor end with a metal pull collar and a 1-3/8 inch 21 spline on the implement end and an interfering bolt to secure the PTO shaft to the implement. This series 8 PTO shaft has a 95 HP requirement for 540 RPM.

This is a constant velocity shaft assembly with an 80° u-joint for better maneuverability. The protective shielding is included. This shielding should be maintained and in working order for your safety.

  • Eurocardan® Series 8 PTO Shaft
  • 1-3/4 inch 20 spline tractor end
  • 1-3/8 inch 21 spline implement end
  • Collapsed length: 55 inches
  • Safe extended length: 75.7 inches
  • Constant velocity PTO assembly
  • 95 HP at 540 RPM
  • For use with rotary cutters
  • Shielding included
  • Always keep shielding in working order and in place
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