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Delavan RollerPro® 6 Roller Pump

This RollerPro® 6 Roller Pump 6900C has rugged cast iron housing and features a 3/4 in. NPT side port. This industrial pump is excellent for spraying or transferring liquid in farm and industrial uses. With a 1000 RPM maximum speed, it also features a maximum flow rate of 19.6 GPM.
Product Overview
The 6900C Delavan RollerPro® is an industrial pump with 6 rollers. Perfect for industrial, commercial, and agricultural applications, this RollerPro pump is ideal for the spraying and transferring of liquids. Its housing is made of rugged cast iron, and it can handle many liquids including pesticides, herbicides, water, and other liquids.

Made with a rotor assembly, these pumps use 6 rollers to pump water from the housing unit. They do not require any check valves, and they are able to operate with less friction and a lower torque than comparable models. During use, power comes from the PTO shaft, a gas engine, or an electric motor.

The side port on this Delavan pump is a 3/4 in. NPT female. It also features a seal that is made of Viton. For your convenience, the bearings are permanently lubricated to reduce maintenance requirements. The solid shaft measures 5/8 in. and turns counter clockwise.

  • Delavan RollerPro® 6 Roller Pump
  • 6 rollers
  • Cast iron housing
  • Maximum pressure: 300 PSI
  • Maximum flow: 19.6 GPM
  • Maximum operation speed: 1000 RPM
  • 5/8 in. solid shaft
  • Counterclockwise turning
  • Base mounted: 5/16-18 UNC-2B (2 Holes)
  • 3/4 in. NPT inlet, female
  • Temperatures up to 140° F
  • Use ASC # 27305 Quick Coupler 1-3/8 In. 540/1000 RPM
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