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Fence Tension Measuring Spring

This fence tension measuring spring can be installed mid-line on a high-tensile wire fence along with an in-line wire strainer to control the expansion and contraction of the line by absorbing or releasing tension on the wire.
Product Overview
Fence tension measuring springs are used to set, measure and maintain tension on a high-tensile fence wire. This helps control the expansion or contraction of your electric fence wire by absorbing the slack or releasing tension as needed based on the weather changes your locale experiences. Tension measuring springs are used with in-line wire strainers to create the desired amount of tension per strand of your fence. Specifications
  • Install the fence tension measuring spring in each fence line together with an in-line wire strainer ratchet
  • Necessary to keep wires taut during temperature changes
  • Hot dipped galvanized for long life and use
  • Tension measuring spring sold as single.
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