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FIMCO® Multi-Lid with attached 32 Oz Measuring Cup

An efficient device to use when needing to measure certain amounts of chemicals to add to your Fimco sprayers. This 32 oz. measuring cup fastens to tank lids measuring 5 inches in diameter. Simply unscrew the lid, and flip over to retrieve the measuring cup.
Product Overview

A convenient way to measure chemicals that go into your Fimco sprayer is by using this attached chemical measuring cup. Constructed from food-grade plastic, it has a 32 oz. capacity. This cup attaches to Fimco sprayer lids and is unseen when the lid is on and tightened. When the lid is lifted, turn it over to reveal the plastic measuring cup. The measurements are labeled on the side, with a pointed spout for accurate pouring. When the tank lid is secured onto the sprayer, there is a small port that opens to fit a garden hose for easy filling without having to remove the lid entirely.


  • Fimco Measuring Cup
  • Simply flip the lid to access the attached measuring cup
  • Size: 32 oz.
  • Construction: Food grade plastic
  • Attaches to Fimco tank lids measuring 5 inch diameter
  • Spout formed for accurate pouring
  • Garden hose port on lid for easy filling of the tank
  • Fits sprayers with a 5-inch tank lid
  • Made in the USA
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