First Flush™ Downspout Water Diverter Kit


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Control contaminants from entering your rain water tank with this downspout water diverter. The First Flush™ system prevents the first fall of rainwater from entering your tank. This water could include pollution from your roof and will be routed away from your rain water storage.

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Route the first fall of rainwater away from your tank to avoid possible pollutants from entering your collection. With this First Flush™ Water Diverter, you can divert water away from your tank and toward your garden. The installation is easy and this kit includes everything you need, just add a 3 in. PVC downspout. The First Flush™ diverter empties itself and will reset automatically.

  • First Flush™ Water Diverter Kit
  • Prevents contaminated water from entering your rainwater tank
  • First fall rainwater could contain pollutants
  • Easy installation
  • Fits 3 in. PVC downspouts
  • Automatically empties and resets
  • Slow release control valve
  • No mechanical parts
Complete your rain harvesting system with the Leaf Eater™ Rain Head, ASC #71931.

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