59 In. Caroni Flail Mower, 3-Point


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TL1500FSC - 59" Caroni Flail Mower. The tough and simple-to-use TL series flail mower is best used in cutting grass on any type of terrain. This mower has a rotor, a type F that is fitted with twice the number of blades that give a more accurate and closer cut. This Caroni flail mower has a fixed tractor hitch, and their drive is provided by 2 trapezoidal belts with automatic spring-adjusted tensioner.

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The flail mower guarantees the correct cutting height by using an adjustable rear roller and a scraper, which keeps the mower clean. A set of side skids are supplied to suit the various different types of terrain. The flail mower has mounted steel protections as a standard to safeguard the driver when the rotor is in operation. The fixed hitch allows the mower to be used with any type of tractor. It is ideal for use with tractors ranging between 20 and 40 HP. The PTO speed is 540 RPM and the mower has 88 blades for the 59" cutting width. The mower weight is 485 lbs.

  • Caroni Flail Mower, 3-point
  • 59" cutting width
  • 88 blades
  • Has rear rotation
  • 20-40 HP
  • 550 lbs.
  • Fixed hitch has 8-1/2" offset
  • For replacement hydraulic shift kit use ASC # 68318 Hydraulic Shift Kit
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Caroni 59" FLAIL MOWER, 3 POINT in Estate & Flail Mowers and Farm Machinery & Tractor Implements at Agri Supply ®.

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Customer Reviews

4 Stars Flail mower


Tracy from GA wrote (June 05, 2017):

I really like this mower compared to the estate mower that finally was not economical to repair and needed replacement. It doesn't blow dust all over the place to hit you in the face as you turn and cuts well enough to use on lawn. When you get it home tighten down all 44 bolts holding the blades on. In about 30 hours I had a bad vibration and lifted the mower to see if I had picked up some trash. I noticed I could turn some nuts by hand. When I was tightening them found one set had came off. After removing blades from opposite side the vibration stopped. Almost all 44 bolts were loose. Another thing is it eats belts. First set broke at about 15 hours. Agrisupply was great and gave me a free set. I bought 2 B43 belts as spares. Glad I did the second set broke after about another 15 hours. Hopefully can get the belt problem squared away. Otherwise it is an awesome mower. Cuts good even with the missing blades.

4 Stars Great


John W from NC wrote (March 30, 2017):

Great mower turnes a 2 inch round tree into carpet. I even mowed over my winch cable once, it killed the tractor bUT didn't even her the flail mower. It's much better than a bush hog as long as you replace the blades as soon as you loose one. Would you like a picture?

5 Stars Does a Great Job


Phil from Central VA from VA wrote (July 18, 2016):

I've used the mower for about 2 months now and I couldn't be more happy. Most of the mowing was started out as overgrown field with some small (half inch to inch) saplings. The underlying ground was pretty rough as well. Now that I've mowed it several times, it's really coming into shape. It appears to have the capability of spanning the spectrum of almost bush-hog to just shy of a very good finish mower. Given my long-term goals for my property, this mower really has seemed to cover all my needs. The unit seems well built, runs quietly and smoothly. Now I'm trying to consider if I don't "need" the Caroni tiller to.

5 Stars Great Mower


WV Bill from WV wrote (June 18, 2016):

Great mower. Love it! I bought the 59" mower, and does exactly what I need it to do. Would have bought the 73" mower, but didn't have the "F style" rotor (fine cut). It is also very well built, for an excellent price! Still smiling at the purchase of this rascal, from Agri Supply!!!

5 Stars Better than a bush hog


Brad Northern VA from VA wrote (May 17, 2016):

Just picked up tis 59" mower a week ago and with the recent rains I have not had much time to use it. However, I have run it enough to make adjustments to the height a couple times and think I have what I want. It is great to watch tall grass, weeds, and light brush some of it 4' tall go into the flail mower and come out finely chopped, and dropped right behind the mower with no windrows. The build quality of this mower is excellent, no sheet metal here. I had to cut down the PTO shat which was simple enough. My two complaints are that the documentation for the mower is really poor, nothing much at all. I doubt that means there is little to go wrong. The parts breakdown documentation is not very good either. The only other thing to know about the mower which is not clear in the Argi Supply description is that this mower has a fixed offset. It is not centered behind the tractor. I was able to turn around one of the lower pins and that brings it back so that one side of the mower tracks right behind the left side tire. I am really pleased with the mower and expect a lot of hours on it. I already have three jobs on other people's property to do. The Agri-Supply folks were great loaded me up quick and I was out the door. Just wish they weren't a 2.5 hour drive away.