Fuel Transfer Pump, 12-Volt DC, 8 GPM


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Constructed of heavy-duty cast iron, this 12-Volt DC fuel transfer pump is design for use with diesel fuel. This pump operates at 12 volts and is capable of producing up to 8 GPM. It has a duty cycle completion time of 30 minutes.

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The transfer pump includes 13 feet of delivery hose, tank bung adapter, a 40 inch steel suction pipe and an aluminum manual nozzle. The nozzle outlet measure 3/4 inch, and the pump has a flow rate of 8 GPM. It can transfer diesel fuel efficiently with a duty cycle time of 30 minutes. This pump is portable and takes up little storage space in workshops and garages.

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  • Fuel transfer pump
  • 12 Volt DC
  • Flow rate: 8 GPM
  • Duty cycle: 30 minutes
  • Inlet: 3/4 inch
  • Nozzle outlet: 3/4 inch
  • Includes 13 feet of delivery hose, tank bung adapter, 40 inch steel suction pipe and an aluminum manual nozzle

Agri Supply ECONOMY FUEL TRANSFER PUMP KIT in Fuel Pumps & Nozzles and Truck Accessories at Agri Supply ®.

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5 Stars Easy set up

Eddie from NC wrote (September 14, 2017):

Purchase this on short notice with the 37 gallon diesel tank. Extended wires to ready truck battery. quick easy set up and worked like a charm. Nice kit. Added Filter. Consider buying hose swivel if possible. Works ok without it, too.

5 Stars Great pump - great price.

Doc from GA wrote (January 16, 2016):

I installed this pump just yesterday. After much research on web of pump options I settled on this model from AgSupply. Reasons included price and features. This model has a 13' filler hose that is made from quality materials. Pump also has a metal intake tube compared to PVC on many models. Battery clamps are heavy and includes an inline fused connector. Installation was simple but avoid the teflon tape that comes with the unit. I read pieces of tape can come off and end up clogging a fuel injector. Use a teflon putty instead and do not place on the first thread or two. Oh, place putty on male fitting. I did install a canister fuel filter also from AgriSupply. The only other item needed was a 3.4x2" nipple. Nice addition. Intake is a sliding mechanism so fits a 55 gallon drum and would fit 30 gallon as well. No warranty info included with pump but AgiSupply web sites says they warranty any item at least one year. When pumping fuel discharge is suppose to be 8gpm. Flow is great for small equipment like I have and nozzle works great. Even for larger equipment this pump would drain a 55 gallon tank in about 7 minutes. I looked at some other pumps at AgriSupply that cost twice as much. This unit is better in many ways. The kit includes two plastic covers over the ends of the filler hose just to protect the threads during shipping. They make a nice protetor for the filler nozzle to keep dust and dirt out between uses. My only concern is once you turn the pump on it is spinning and trying to pump fuel. Until you get to tractor and squeeze the handle to begin filling the pump is spinning. Directions say this is OK but to limit amount of time not pumping. Guess best to keep in mind and be fast about shutting off.

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