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The Garden Grow Electric Fence Kit is designed to quickly and easily help you keep unwanted animals out of your garden. With a 100-volt Energizer, this electric fence kit can protect your garden by keeping out deer, rabbits, raccoons, dogs, and other nuisance animals. It is safe and humane, but will deter unwanted animals by giving them a small electric shock. This product comes with everything you need, and it is easy to install. For more information, please see the details below.

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Use the Garden Grow Electric Fence Kit to keep unwanted animals out of your garden. This easy-to-install electric fencing kit has a 110-volt Energizer, and it is safe for humans and small animals, including pets, deer, raccoons, skunks, and rabbits. Once you have this product installed, you can sleep soundly knowing that your garden is protected from the local wildlife. You can also use this garden fence kit to protect your trash cans, to deter animals from entering your crawlspace, or to keep your own pets contained within a specific area.

This electric fence kit comes complete with a 110-volt energizer, 10 fence posts (which measure 30 inches each, a ground rod and clamp, a 15 foot and 18 gauge hook-up wire and connectors, 250 feet of heavy-duty polywire, 3 split bolt wire connectors, and a fence tester.

Installation is quick and easy; just follow the instructions provided with the electric fencing kit. If you ever want to make your fence larger, simply add additional fence posts and wires.
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  • Electric Fence Garden Kit
  • DE 20 110-volt Energizer
  • 10 fence posts ' 30 inches each
  • Ground rod and clamp
  • 15 foot x 18 gauge hook-up wire and connectors
  • Heavy duty polywire, 250 feet
  • 3 split bolt wire connectors
  • 1 garden fence tester

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