43% Glyphosate Weed Prevent, 1 Gal


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RM43™ Glyphosate is a weed preventer that provides vegetation control. This weed killer is formulated with 43% Glyphosate as an active ingredient that may be applied on bare ground or areas with low weeds. Because this spray is toxic to plants, be cautious of runoff that could harm desirable plants.

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The size of this Glyphosate weed killer is a 1 gal container, which can cover 17,297 sq. ft. This chemical may be used with an ATV or tractor mounted sprayer or backpack sprayer, but please refer to the label for proper mixing instructions prior to use. This Glyphosate spray should not be applied near desirable plants or bodies of water, however, after the spray has dried it is safe in areas where livestock graze. To maintain controlled weed-free zones, it is imperative to use Glyphosate during sunny weather above 60°F and to retreat every 6-8 months if heavy rainfall occurs. Please refer to the label for safety precautions and treatment, restrictions, weeds controlled lists, proper storage and all other important information.

  • 43% Glyphosate Weed Prevent
  • Weed treatment and prevention
  • For use on vacant lots, roadsides, brick or gravel walkways, around buildings and more
  • Toxic to plants, do not apply where runoff could harm desirable plants
  • Do not apply in close proximity to bodies of water
  • Active ingredients: Glyphosate, isopropylamine salt 43.68%, Imazapyr, isopropylamine salt 0.78%
  • Treats up to 17,297 sq. ft.
  • Safe for livestock to be near treated areas after product has dried
  • Apply in sunny weather over 60°F to bare ground
  • Retreat every 6-8 months if heavy rainfall
  • 1 gallon container
  • Use as directed on label
  • Refer to label for safety instructions, restricitons, weeds controlled lists, and other important information

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