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Goldenrod Fuel Filter

An ideal tool to use on a variety of industrial and agricultural machinery with fuel tanks. This goldenrod water block fuel filter helps absorb and remove water particles from remaining in the fuel. There is a sediment drain valve that easily adjusts at the bottom.
Product Overview

Water in diesel fuel can be extremely dangerous and cause shorter engine lives. Water can mix into fuel simply from condensation on the tank. This goldenrod fuel filter absorbs and works to eliminate most water particles as little as 10 microns. The fuel filter container measures 9-1/2 in. H x 4 in. D., and is translucent so the filtering process and water amount can always be seen. The cap on this water block fuel filter is a heavy duty zinc die cast with two, 1 in. fittings. Use the replacement filter ASC # 17424, Goldenrod Replacement Fuel Filter when the used one is worn.

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