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Carolina Covers® Greenhouse Tunnel Section for ASC # 90919

If your ASC # 90919 Pop-Up Greenhouse is too small for your garden, use this section to extend the tunnel. Measuring 3-7/8 ft. length x 2-1/2 ft. width x 2-1/2 ft. height, it connects to multiple sections. Constructed from a non-woven fiberglass material.
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Product Overview

This section is just like your temporary greenhouse, it lays flat in its storage bag then pops up instantly when ready for use. This section measures 3-7/8 ft. long x 2-1/2 ft. wide x 2-1/2 ft. tall and is designed to combine with ASC # 90919 Pop-Up Greenhouse. It is constructed from non-woven fiberglass, and helps protects plants from harsh weather conditions. This material also helps protect your plants, flowers and greenery from insects and other wildlife. Pop-up greenhouses are excellent heat source producers in colder months, they help to retain moisture in the soil, and to provide a warmer atmosphere to growing plants.

  • Greenhouse Tunnel Section
  • Dimensions: 3-7/8 ft. length x 2-1/2 ft. width x 2-1/2 ft. height
  • Construction: Non-woven fiberglass
  • Protects against pests
  • Protects against frost and harsh weather conditions
  • Helps keep soil moist and warm
  • Units are attached with zippers
  • Pops up easily with little assembly
  • Section for ASC # 90919 Pop-Up Greenhouse
  • Temporary tunnel
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