Hand Trucks & Dollies

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Agri Supply has a wide selection of hand trucks and dollies for every job. We can supply hand trucks for your warehouse, business, store or home. We have the steel or aluminum hand trucks and appliance trucks to make any job easier and safer.

When you need strong hand trucks and many to choose from, come to the workshop supplies area at Agri Supply. We have many dollies, utility carts and service carts, and there's sure to be the right tool for your moving job. Our moving dollies and hand trucks include heavy duty two-wheeled trucks with a convenient back handle. These aluminum hand trucks are red and can cart objects weighing up to 661 pounds.

Hand trucks are versatile tools in your workshop and vital pieces of equipment for relocating valuable machinery or other heavy items. Use our two-shelf utility carts for carrying hand tools, power tools and other workshop staples throughout your workspace. These horizontal moving dollies are also handy for storing workshop supplies that you use often and don't necessarily want to hang up or put away, such as extension cords or shop lights. Look into our aluminum hand trucks and steel hand trucks when you want to move things vertically.

For high-quality hand trucks, head to the workshop equipment section at Agri Supply. Our utility carts and moving dollies are made of tough steel and aluminum.

Look into our hand trucks to ease the load on your next move. With quality utility carts and moving dollies, you won't be risking a back injury and you'll be investing in a versatile workshop tool. Use moving dollies for moving appliances, stacks of boxes, or other heavy or awkward carting endeavors. Our stock includes aluminum hand trucks, as well as moving dollies constructed of steel.

Hand trucks and carts are a smart buy for many different people, and many different reasons. Our flat utility carts are a fit for moving lighter objects in your warehouse, office, business, or home. Carts, unlike moving dollies, can also serve as temporary storage units. You'll find our moving dollies virtually a necessity for all kinds of businesses, particularly those where the moving of stacked boxes occurs frequently. These dollies are sturdy aluminum hand trucks that don't take up much space and do provide many uses.

Many of the hand trucks we have available in our workshop supplies department can lift heavier loads easily. We do have utility carts and service carts, which are perfect for carting smaller tools and objects, and these carts include 24-inch long by 16 ¼-inch wide models with four handy swiveling casters. But we also offer moving dollies capable of lifting heavier objects, such as our non-ratchet appliance hand truck that can move up to 551 pounds at a time. Larger aluminum hand trucks can move up 672-pound objects.

We have many hand trucks and other tools for moving in our extensive workshop supplies department so you'll get the hand truck or utility cart you need for your job. Browse our utility carts, and you'll see we stock two- and three-shelf utility carts and service carts that are solidly built and feature four swiveling caster wheels. Among our moving dollies, we have several affordable price ranges and designs, such as the 18 7/12-inch high model featuring a 12-inch toe plate. These are aluminum hand trucks with solid tires for efficient mobility.