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Home Workshop Supply Checklist

Everyday home projects don’t require many large, bulky pieces of equipment or buildings full of materials (unless you're into that kind of thing), but having the essentials on hand in your home workshop can make a quick fix or finishing a new project much more efficient than going shopping or hiring out every time you find something that needs to be done.

Your home workshop can easily be stocked and ready to go with these fundamental supplies:

  • Toolbox | Keeping your tools and supplies organized is essential. The right toolbox can hold it all in an efficient amount of space and is easily accessible whenever you need to reach for it.
  • Wrenches | A standard wrench set is essential to have on hand for quick fixes, building projects or home assembly needs.
  • Service Jack | For any car, lawn mower or tractor servicing needs, having a jack is essential for lifting your vehicle or equipment off the ground. It’s especially important to understand how to use it so you don’t damage your property.
  • Towels and Rags | Reusable towels that can be washed in your laundry are great to have on hand for cleaning up, polishing, buffing and more. We recommend having a small variety from very absorbent to non-scratching microfiber.
  • Gloves | Protection for your hands can be very important during home projects, especially when dealing with wood, equipment parts or lawn care.
  • Sandpaper | It may not seem important until you have a rough edge and nothing to smooth it down with. Sandpaper is easy to keep stored away until you need it.
  • Nuts and bolts | An assortment of nuts and bolts can come in handy for a variety of projects. Storing a few extra will come in handy when you need to assemble a project or replace just one at a time.
  • Nails | Similar to the nuts and bolts, a supply of nails will prove itself useful across many jobs. It’s much less hassle to reach for exactly what you need when they’re readily available in your home workshop.
  • Steel wool | You’ll be surprised at the amount of uses for steel wool. Fix a loose screw, clean metal surfaces, start a fire, age wood surfaces, remove scuffs, sharpen scissors and so much more with this workshop staple.
  • Blower | Clearing out difficult to reach spaces and quick cleanup is made easy when you can reach for a shop blower.
  • Broom | An essential cleaning tool, a broom is something you’ll constantly grab for during home projects.
  • Handheld vacuum | Cleaning up dust, dirt and other workshop debris is made easy when you can vacuum it up and dump your excess into the trash.
  • Laser level | A laser level comes in handy for everything from hanging indoor decor to installing fence posts. Check your work with accuracy using this must-have level.
  • Drill | Having a drill to reach for at home will make creating holes and screwing bolts a breeze. Choose a drill that fits the level of difficulty for most of your projects and make sure to maintain a variety of bits to use with it as well.
  • Hammer | A hammer is one of the basic staples of a standard tool kit. Make sure this tool is ready for all of your home needs and secure or replace the handle as soon as it shows signs of loosening or increased wear so you don’t damage your projects or harm yourself.
  • Extension cords | When your tools or devices can’t reach an outlet, having an extension cord on hand is helpful. Make sure you’re maintaining and using them properly to avoid overheating and electrical fires.

Now is the time to stock up on the essentials at AgriSupply. It’s as easy as adding them to your cart and checking them off the list. We’ve got everything you need to keep your home and property at its best.

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