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Honey B Healthy Liquid Bee Food

This Honey B Healthy liquid bee food helps promote healthy, vigorous hives
Product Overview

This Honey B Healthy liquid bee food is a feeding stimulant made with essential oils (lemongrass & spearmint from concentrate). This can be used for late winter, early spring, and during the lack of nectar. This Honey B Healthy bee food is made with non GMO Lecithin.

  • Honey B Healthy
  • Honeybee feeding stimulant
  • 8 fl. oz. - whole bottle makes 12 gallons
  • Composed of lemongrass & spearmint concentrate oil
  • Prevents mold & fungus in sugar syrups
  • Calms bees when used in a spray
  • Builds colonies when fed during the lack of nectar and more
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