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How to Measure Lawn Mower Blades

What are some of the signs that it might be time to replace your lawn mower blade? If the mower is not cutting well or skipping spots, it’s probably time. For mowers with more than one blade, you may notice that you don’t seem to get the full cutting width anymore. Blades get nicks in them and also wear getting shorter and thinner with use.

When measuring your blade, think of it as though you are measuring a television or monitor screen. Measure the blade diagonally, from corner to corner to get the accurate measurement for replacing your blade. Remember that your blade may very well be worn to the point where it might be slightly shorter than the new replacement blade. If you visit any of our stores, bring the blade with you and one of our customer service representatives can help you locate your replacement.

measuring mower blades

For push mower blades, don’t forget that your mower uses a blade adapter to help secure your blade to the mower. Most adapters do not wear out nearly as fast as the blade itself, but could be time to consider a new adapter when removing your mower blade.

Please always follow your Mower Manufacturer’s Installation Guidelines exactly when installing your mower blades. Failure to follow such guidelines may result in property damage, personal injury, or death.


Check your manufacturer's part number in your owner's manual or parts list. The OEM # listed should match that number. If your manufacturer's part number is not listed, call us toll free 800-345-0169 and we will check our complete stock of blades. Not finding what you need? Call us and let us see if we have the blade you are looking for, or if we can get it for you! Feel free to visit our Lawn Mower Blades on our website, and find yours today.

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