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HYPRO 4-Roller Pump, 12 Volt DC Motor

Item #31586
This HYPRO ® 4-roller pump unit comes assembled with a 12 volt DC motor, locking collar, and a base. The pump body and rotor are constructed with nitrogen resistant Ni-Resist material. The high nickel content of the construction provides improved corrosion resistance over cast-iron pumps. Used for agricultural and industrial spraying of weed, insect, and pest control chemicals and fertilizers, this HYPRO ® pump has a maximum GPM of 7.5 and a maximum PSI of 50.
Product Overview

Made by HYPRO ®, the 4-roller pump, Model 4101N-EH, is constructed with a Ni-Resist body and rotor that allows this sprayer pump to resist corrosion. These Super Rollers ® provide the chemical resistance of polyethylene and the life of nylon. It is commonly used in the agricultural and industrial industry to spray and transfer fluids like insecticides, herbicides, emulsives, aromatic solvents, liquid fertilizers, and more. The pump has a maximum GPM of 7.5 with a maximum PSI of 50 and a maximum RPM of 1900.

This roller pump comes assembled with a 12 volt DC motor, locking collar, and base. The pump is also constructed with a 5/8" stainless steel shaft, factory sealed lubricated ball bearings, and Viton ® seals to provided the best chemical resistance. The shaft has a 1/2" bore for close couple mounting to the electric motor.

The ports are 3/4" national pipe thread. These ports should connect to most sprayer plumbing set ups.

This HYPRO ® is an economical roller pump that requires no check valves and provides positive displacement with less friction and lower starting torque than other pumps.

  • Model 4101N-EH
  • 12 Volt DC motor
  • Max GPM 7.5, Max PSI 50, Max RPM 1900
  • Ni-Resist body and rotor
  • 5/8" stainless steel shaft
  • Super Rollers ™
  • Viton ® seals
  • 3/4" NPT ports
  • For use with liquid weed, insect, brush and pest control chemicals, and liquid fertilizers
  • Constructed to be corrosion resistant with a longer life than a cast-iron pump.
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