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In-line Wire Strainer Ratchet, 400 lb.

Wire tighteners, also referred to as in-line strainers, wire strainers, and strainer ratchets. They are used to keep your fence wire tight. This is done via re-tightening the tension of the wire whenever it becomes slack.
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Product Overview

An in-line wire strainer allows you to keep up to 4,000 feet of high tensile wire tight by allowing you to re-tension the wire whenever it is required. You need at least one wire strainer per fence wire, more strainers depending upon length of the wire. Once installed you simply tighten the in-line wire strainer using a ratchet handle.

This fence strainer can be used to tighten poly wires, barbed wire and high tensile wire. In-line wire strainers keep your wire fence in top shape with minimal effort.


  • For high tensile wires up to 200,000 PSI
  • Heavy cast cog with spring loaded latch
  • For strainer handle use ASC # 11304
  • Hot dipped galvanized - No raw uncoated steel edges
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