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Inertia Nutcracker

Item #130964
This nutcracker will not over-crack/under-crack nuts. This can be controlled by removing or adding rubberbands for the strength you will need.
Product Overview

Inertia Nutcracker can be automatically adjusted to any nut size, no need to stop and adjust it does it by itself. You can easily crack 30 pecans in about a minute. This cracker reduces pecan nut shatter to a minimal mess. This nutcracker is fun and easy to use.


  • Inertia Nutcracker
  • Product Number: NUTCRACKER
  • Not for use with Black Walnut or Hickory nut
  • For over-cracking, reduce the number of rubber bands
  • For under-cracking, increase the number of rubber bands
  • If stored pecans dry out, soak them in water for 8-12 hours before cracking
  • Freeze Brazil nuts, use (4) rubber bands, and give a full stroke to Brazil nuts and Almonds
  • To replace the rubber band on the shield, align the roll pin of the anvil and the center beam of the flange and stretch double rubber bands to include the pin and the entire length of the flange, dropping the rubber band behind the wings of the flange. A sharp edge may cut shield rubber repeatedly. Smooth this with file or sandpaper, or torch with lacquer.
  • Always protect your eyes from shell fragments

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