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Jobbers Length Drill Bit, 23/64 in.

Ideal to use with hand held drills, these jobber length drill bits are less likely to break when drilling due to their shorter size. This drill size gauge measures 23/64 in., with a standard 118 degree point. Great for drilling through wood, metal or durable plastic.
Product Overview

This jobber length drill bit has a gauge measuring 23/64 in., constructed with a flute spiral and a standard 118 degree point for creating clean and efficient holes when drilling. Due to the shorter size of the drill bit, it has a strong chance of not breaking and it allows you to drill through different types of woods, metals and sturdy plastics. The flute length of this jobber drill bit measures 3-1/2 in. while the overall length measures 4-7/8 in. There are a variety of jobber length drill bits to choose from for whichever fits your project best.

  • Drill size gauge: 23/64 in.
  • Flute type: Spiral
  • Flute length: 3-1/2 in.
  • Overall length: 4-7/8 in.
  • Standard 118 degree point
  • Drills through metals, plastics and wood
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