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Lawn Mower Tire, 18 x 8.50 x 8, 4 Ply Turf Saver Tire

These turf saver lawn mower tires are 18 x 8.5 - 8, 4-ply tires. This is a tire only. The treads are chevron shaped for traction and the tire is design wide for less destruction of your lawn or turf grass. This tire can be used on any vehicle that requires a 18 x 8.5 - 8 tire. It has a maximum load capacity of 815 lbs. at 10 mph.
Product Overview
This lawn mower tire is constructed to provide superior control yet tenderness to your grass or turf. The turf tire is 12 x 8.5 - 8 is 4-ply. The turf saver tire has a maximum load capacity of 815 lbs. at 10 miles per hour and a maximum pressure rating of 22 PSI. This is a tire only.

  • Lawn mower tire; tire only
  • 18 x 8.5 - 8
  • Mounted diameter: 18 in.
  • Mounted width: 8.2 in.
  • 4-Ply
  • Extra wide turf saver
  • Chevron tread
  • Maximum load capacity at 10 mph: 815 lbs.
  • Maximum PSI: 22
  • Tubeless
  • This is a tire only and fits a rim 8 in. diameter by 7 in. wide

If you choose to use a tube in this tubeless tire, check out ASC # 16643 lawn, garden and trailer tube.
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