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Sawtooth Tire, 4.10/3.50 - 6, 4 Ply

A sawtooth tire is ideal for various lawn and garden equipment. The sawtooth tread pattern provides 2-way traction and durability. This replacement tire is excellent for either commercial or residential requirements.
Product Overview

This 410/350-6 tire is 4-ply and resists punctures. With a maximum load capacity of 445 lbs. at 50 PSI, this replacement tire can be used as a lawnmower tire, wheelbarrow tire, and other lawn and garden equipment tires. The sawtooth tread pattern is designed for traction and durability.

  • TracGard Sawtooth Tire
  • 4.10/3.50-6
  • Maximum load capacity: 445 lbs. at 50 PSI
  • Tubeless
  • 4-ply
  • Sawtooth tread pattern
  • Lawn mower tires, wheelbarrow tires, and more
  • Tire only
Here at Agri Supply®, we offer a wide selection of wheel and tire assemblies to meet your specific requirements.
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