MIG Welding Wire, Solid Mild Steel, 0.035 Diameter


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This MIG welding wire is the ideal wire for single and multiple pass welding. Perfect for the diy welder, the wire features easy slag cleanup and minimal splatter. The smooth clean surface makes single and multiple pass welding easy and efficient. Excellent wire to use for welding low carbon steel, repairing fences, yard tools and body panel repair.

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The US Forge 00674 Solid Mild Steel MIG wire, at .035 diameter comes on a 10 pound spool. This welding wire is ideal for repair and fabrication of sheet metal and lightweight structural steel welding.

Requires C02 shielding gas
  • US Forge 00674 MIG Welding Wire
  • Easy slag cleanup and minimal splatter
  • Solid mild steel wire 70S-6
  • Diameter: 0.035 in.
  • Weight: 10 lbs.

  MILD STEEL MIG WELDING WIRE 10 in Welding Rods and Welding Supplies at Agri Supply ®.

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