Mini Blade Fuse Kit, 8 Pack


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Replace your auto fuses with this set of mini blade fuses. This set includes eight assorted fuses for vehicle replacment.

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With eight fuses included, this auto fuse kit will help you keep your vehicle in its best condition. This kit includes an assortment of mini blade fuses, one MIN3 fuse, one MIN5 fuse, one MIN7.5 fuse, one MIN10 fuse, one MIN15 fuse, one MIN20 fuse, one MIN25 fuse and one MIN30 fuse.

  • Mini Blade Fuse Kit
  • 8 Fuses
  • (1) MIN3 Fuse
  • (1) MIN5 Fuse
  • (1) MIN7.5 Fuse
  • (1) MIN10 Fuse
  • (1) MIN15 Fuse
  • (1) MIN20 Fuse
  • (1) MIN25 Fuse
  • (1) MIN30 Fuse
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