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Morra MF2270 3-Point 7 Disc Mower

The Morra MF2270 7 Disc Mower is a rugged mower that can handle even the toughest conditions without dragging or stalling. The quick clip mower offers excellent penetration, has a high work speed, a hydraulic lift, a safety kickback guard, and a working width of 9.186 feet. Four belts have a pendulum type belt tensioner on the mowing drive.
Due to the size and/or weight of this product, it must be shipped via Motor Freight Truck only. Someone must be present for delivery.
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Product Overview
The Morra MF2270 3-Point Disc Mower performs well even in the most difficult situations. It can mow through long grass, and even wet grass, without stalling. This disc mower features a quick clip design that operates at a high work speed. It comes complete with a safety kickback guard and a hydraulic vertical lift. Its specialized float system allows the disc mower to contour itself to the land up to 40 degrees. This mower has a cutting width of 9.186 feet.

This quick clip disc mower features 7 elliptical discs. Each of the 7 discs has two blades, and it also features a lateral circular conveyor disc. It's easy to connect: Simply attach the mower directly to your tractor's 3-point hitch. This model works on tractors with engines up to 52 HP. It can be connected to a large tractor with the adjustable drawbar's connection pins. The PTO has a speed of 540 RPM and the quick clip agricultural mower weighs 1190 Lbs. When you are finished working, you can simply fold the sturdy plastic cover over the equipment.

The Morra 3-Point Disc Mower has a special reinforcing profile with extra reinforcement in the gearbox zone. It also has a safety release to protect against any impact with large obstacles. The quick clip mower also features a driveline with a free wheel, and two sets of knives (a short set and a long set). In addition, its sprung suspension reduces the agricultural mower's load bearing on the ground. For convenient maintenance, the main drive gear and bearing assembly are easily accessible.

This trustworthy 3-point agricultural mower can stand up to your heavy farming needs. It's powerful, reliable, and designed with safety in mind. You can use it on your small, medium, or your large farms under even difficult conditions.

  • Works in even difficult conditions and can tackle wet grass
  • Comes with a PTO shaft
  • Has a safety kickback guard
  • Has a poly coated canvas guard
  • Hydraulic vertical lift
  • High work speed
  • Weight: 1,344 lbs.
  • Float system allows ground contour up to 40 degrees
  • Replacement belts (require 4) use ASC # 21036
  • Easy access to main drive gear and bearing assembly
  • Has 7 elliptical discs
  • Attaches via a 3-point hitch
  • Model number: MF2270
  • Working width: 9.186 Ft.
  • Blades per disc: 2
  • Disc RPM @ 540: 3035
  • Minimum HP required: 52
  • Maximum hydraulic pressure: 2352 lbs.
  • Use ASC # 71428 for replacement PTO shaft
  • For replacement hydraulic cylinder use 48038
  • PTO gearbox 90W oil use ASC # 16323
  • Cutting bar oil AW150 use ASC # 79821
Here are the seals that are needed for the cutter bar:Replacement Blades
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