NatureWise® Feather Fixer Poultry Feed, 40 Lb.


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A year round feed that will help your hens and roosters molt quicker and support the feather growing process. This Feather Fixer Poultry Feed by NatureWise® contains levels high in protein to promote energy for growing feathers. This feed comes in a pelleted form.

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Visit one of our retail locations for this poultry feed. Feather Fixer by NatureWise® has chelated trace minerals that helps the feather regrow and strengthen hen's eggshells. Formulated to be used all year round, other healthful benefits include the added prebiotics and probiotics for nutrient absorption and improved digestion. When grass is sparse during certain times of the year, a source of greens is also provided. Tagetes (Aztec Marigold) meal is added to give the yolks a true golden color.

  • Nature Wise® Feather Fixer Poultry Feed
  • Blend of nutrients to enhance immune system
  • Helps flock go through quicker molting process
  • Chelated trace minerals for feather growth and fresh hard shell egg production
  • Provides high protein and energy levels
  • Prebiotics, probiotics added for digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Grass and greens source
  • Tagetes (Aztec Marigold) meal added for golden colored yolks
  • Pellet form of feed
  • May be fed year round
  • Capacity: 40 lb. bag
  • Sold in stores only

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