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1,025 Gallon Norwesco Black Horizontal Leg Tank

The molded, seamless construction of this black leg tank makes it suitable for storage and the transport of water. Rated at 8 pounds per gallon, this Norwesco tank is for water storage only. The 16 in. fill opening allows for faster replenishment of tank contents. Norwesco's leg tanks are designed to reduce sloshing during movement with the molded-in legs.
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Product Overview

Made of black polyethylene, this Norwesco horizontal leg tank protects its contents from UV light that promotes the growth of waterborne algae. Combined with resins that meet FDA specifications of safely storing potable water, this tank is ideal for water storage or transport. The molded legs of this nurse tank act as baffles to prevent moving water during transport, as well as add support during storage. Durable, impact-resistant, and able to hold up to 1,025 gallons, this Norwesco tank is ideal for your large volume water needs.

  • Norwesco tank, Model 40603
  • Black horizontal leg tank
  • Capacity: 1,025 gallons
  • Construction: Black polyethylene
  • Weight: 315 lbs.
  • Diameter: 49 in.
  • Height: 54 in.
  • Length: 139 in.
  • Fill opening: 16 in.
  • Outlet / drain: 2 in
  • For water storage only
  • Requires full length bottom support and 4 leg tank bands
  • For leg tank bands, ASC #22916

Here at Agri Supply®, we have a variety of vertical and horizontal Norwesco tanks in many different sizes to meet your application and space requirements.

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