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Power Mixer for Paint 5 to 10 Gallons

Item #120703
The power mixer operates best at speeds from 500 to 900 rpm. Material flows downward at the center and circulated upward on the sides The special design keeps the material being mixed air-free.
Product Overview

Always wear safety goggles when mixing. Do not use with lacquers or other flammable liquids as sparks from portable tool motors could ignite fumes.


  • Nonslip hexagon shank works with 3/8" drill
  • Base: 3 1/4" diameter
  • Length is 17"
  • Use at speeds from 500 to 900 rpm
  • Universal mixer/agitator for most materials
  • Mix or agitate powders of dry granulated material
  • Easy to clean plated steel
  • Immerse mixer head into the material before turning on motor
  • Turn off the motor when mixing is complete and wait until the mixer head is completely stopped before removing it from the material.
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