Pat's 3-Point Quick Change Hitch - Category 1 With Stabilizer Bar


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Pat's quick hitch easily connects to tractors that have 3-point implement connections. This system comes with all of the hardware needed for installation including shims and a stabilizer bar. This category 1 hitch has adjustable elements to best fit your equipment.

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Pat's 3-point quick hitch attachment makes connecting to your 3-point equipment easier and quicker. This system comes with a set of two quick hitches that are easy to install and do not require modifications to your tractor. Shims are included to help you align your quick hitch parallel to your tractor's lift arms. Set screws, jam nuts, and u-bolts are also included to securely attach to each hitch. An adjustable stabilizer bar is included for lift arm alignment. The spring loaded latch and hook system enable you to secure your 3-point implement. The latch can also be locked in an open position so you can easily move equipment around.


  • Pat's Premium 3-Point Quick Hitch
  • Model 102
  • Category 1 Quick Hitch
  • Easy change system
  • Stabilizer bar included
  • Hardware kit included
  • Fits lift arms 2 to 3-1/4 inches tall
  • Lift arm pins are 7/8 inch diameter
  • Use ASC #73966 for replacement bent pin washers. (This item comes with 4 washers)
  • Made in the USA
If looking for a Category 2 Quick Hitch, take a look at ASC #70079.

Pat's PATS QUICK HITCH CAT 1 in Tractor Quick Hitches and Tractor Accessories at Agri Supply ®.

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars Patts quick hitch


Vernon Russell from DE wrote (July 17, 2020):

Easy to put on works with all implements, it will move you back almost 4" , well worth the money.

5 Stars Best thing since buttered popcorn


Pat from TX wrote (June 06, 2020):

Had another quick hitch that was hard to work with, Installed these and everything I have works with ease.

5 Stars Works great


markr from GA wrote (April 17, 2020):

This thing will change your life. I like it better than my quick hitch and it is more universal. You do have to consider your top link length and PTO shafts because it sets your implement back better than 3" but, for me anyway, I would rather deal with that than deal with lining those eyes up. That spacer bar really helps.

5 Stars 250 hours plus using these


I grew up on a farm, left farming, then retire and got back into from NY wrote (July 25, 2019):

Saves time and effort hooking up attachments. Take the stabilizer (alignment bar) off when using PTO equipment because it will hit the PTO shaft when raising, also may lose the set knob on the stabilizer bar if you operate with it on. Remember where you put the stabilizer for the next time. File off one and half threads on the ends of the alignment bolts before use as the ends of the bolts may peen over making removal very difficult. Grease the main pin and ball end of the lift arms before assembly. Lubricate the springs on the lock latch. I used a rotor tiller, brush hog, disc, and a dirt plow with no problems changing often. However, a sub-soiler did stretch the U-bolt of one and broke the two set bolts, but no damage to main hitch components. A sub-soiler in hard pan clay at full depth will at times stall a thirty five horse power tractor in low gear at 3/4 engine speed, that a lot of stress. Would I recommend the Pat's quick hitch? ABSOLUTELY!!

5 Stars Bought in 2017


Joel Foster from GA wrote (June 03, 2019):

Like all the other reviewers the 3 Point hitch can be a PAIN when connecting implements .. So I bought the Pat's Hitch ..BIG , BIG help in changing items .. BUT there is ONE thing to be careful of .. THEY DO Not TELL you in the instructions that if you want to or need to use STABILIZER BARS YOU WILL NEED LONGER PINS ?? I din't even think about that because at the time I didn't need them .. Well just DUHHHH ... Last week I did. and they wouldn't FIT !!! so I called Pat's HITCH and a Beautiful Young Lady named Vickie KNEW EXACTLY what I need.. GREAT personality, Professional, Friendly FAST and she is shipping me the longer PINS .. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Pat's Hitch because IT WORKS ANd the folks that make it ARE FANTASTIC ..their Customer Service IS WHAT CS is supposed to BE , FRIENDLY FAST, ACCURATE FUN and a Pleasure to do business with .. THANK You Vickie ..

5 Stars Great option - Be aware of lower pin location.


from wrote (February 22, 2019):

I purchased these when I bought my tractor. They are about a 100 times better than trying to line up 3pt pins. I think there are about 3 options with 3pt. 1, line up pins to holes NEVER AGAIN, 2: Pats - Much easier and reasonable price, and 3: Use a full one piece qh system - heavy and price climbs quickly. If you use Pats (which I have), you may need to pick up another toplink (longer) because the lower pins are moved back about 3" or so, and the top is not unless your toplink is already long.

3 Stars Works as advertised but....


Old farmer from OK wrote (November 16, 2018):

It does move the implements back a few inches when installed. Every implement that I own that has a PTO shaft, well now the shaft is to short. Box blades and tillage tools are great. brush hogs and that type thing, not so much.

5 Stars Excellent Product


Rebar - Retired guy in rural Ontario from ON wrote (April 09, 2018):

Purchased this set a couple of years ago, to reduce the effort needed to mount and change three point equipment. It is amazing the time and headaches this hitch appliance eliminates. Now if I only have a hour or two available to do a job I can go ahead and get at it and not wrestle with equipment. Remember however the equipment still doesn’t mount itself.

5 Stars Hookups a breeze


Cooper from GA wrote (August 07, 2017):

Bought these to hook up my 7' bush hog. It changed the job from a dreaded chore to breeze. I don't have to keep bush hog on tractor when I need to use the front end loader now. Great product.

5 Stars a must have


badge96 from NC wrote (February 23, 2017):

Works great on a compact ford tractor. Measure once for correct stabilizer bar length and never have to again. Back up and if implement is not straight once you make contact the Pats quick links will push it into place , raise and its locked in. Wow what an easy way to hook up and such a time saver. I remove stabilizer bar when using PTO. 20 minutes to install. Get them, you won't be sorry!

5 Stars Great addition to tractor


Dave B from MA wrote (June 10, 2016):

Well built. Installed in minutes. Works better than you could expect. Really happy with quality.

5 Stars Pat's back saving quick hitch


Michael Poletti from NC wrote (April 12, 2015):

I got tied of wrestling with 3pt hookups on my Kubota BX 2370 too the point I would avoid it and just put off changing implements. Bought this from Agri Supply at a great price and what a time saver ,no more crow bars to change implements & the stabilizer bar that comes standard here saves time as well. Get a ruler measure the distance set the bar and back up to the pins. I love it.

5 Stars Pat's Quick Change Hitch


Smokey from FL wrote (April 09, 2015):

I have a 45 HP tractor I use to maintain my small hobby farm. Along with the tractors I have a "bush hog", box blade, and disk harrow. Changing implements can be a bit of a hassle with just the standard 3 point as each of these are quite heavy. Horsing them around by hand to get the hitch pins to line up correctly is hard on my old back. With Pat's I just back up to the implement, raise the lower arms and the pins lock in. Minor errors in positioning are much less of an issue. A secondary reason I purchased this system is that it moves the implements back a few inches. This eliminates an issue I was having with my "bush Hog" bumping the tractor tires during a sharp turn. The castings are extremely beefy and I anticipate many years of service from them. This item also comes with the stabilizer bar when ordered through Agri Supply. This makes the item a great value through them. As always, the service and speed of delivery was great through ASC.



George from MA wrote (January 16, 2015):

At 74 years old, I am tired of manhandling 3pt. equipment into position. I am away from my tractor for the winter, but in April I will be back, and ready to try my new Pat's Quick Hitch. The hitch design, and fabrication (cast) are very good. I have just convinced a friend to order a Pat's Quick Hitch from ASC as well.

5 Stars Wish I had bought these sooner!


pat from FL wrote (December 21, 2014):

Makes changing implements by yourself much easier. No more getting on and off tractor and kicking pins in. I used these on a jd 1070 and like others said the bolts could have been shorter. But that an easy problem to fix and I understand that they are made to fit a wide variety of lift arms so I'm still giving em 5 stars.

5 Stars Great Product


Edwin Delo from PA wrote (November 01, 2014):

Not only is this a great product but Greenwell Mfg. is a great supplier. I bent one of the U-bolts and couldn't find one locally. Called Greenwell and in 3 days I had the bolt and shim. And, sent NO charge. Don't find people like this very often.

5 Stars Greatest thing since sliced bread!


Mike from NC wrote (August 20, 2014):

Excellent tool. Works very well. Saves a lot of trips on and off the tractor. The only thing, the bar that holds the lift arms together will open up some if you have to back up more to adjust one side. I took a piece of 3/8 rod and bent the 2 ends and made me a rod that won't move that fits all my implements.

4 Stars Mixed feelings on the easy change.


Lee from MI wrote (July 08, 2014):

Bought this so the Mrs. could more easily install and remove implements when I am away from the home. She use the tractor as much as I do and struggles getting certain implements on the tractor. Instructions were good and detailed. It did require a fair amount of shimming to get them to sit right on my JD 4310 but no complaints. Biggest reason I only gave it 3 stars is because of the bolts used to brace it on the lift arms. They are really a low grade bolt and as another stated they are much longer than they needed to be. I would have changed them but the local hardware store was closed and I was eager to use it. I wish I would have waited because I ended up snapping one of the bolts off tightening it with a 3/8 drive socket wrench. Would have been great if the were a shorter heavier grade bolt or came with torque specs. I wasn't even using a cheater bar. As for hooking/unhooking this thing really does work good especially with heavier implements. I would buy again but if I do th

5 Stars Impressive Quick Disconnect


WMB from FL wrote (June 04, 2014):

Add me to the list of folks who are impressed with Pat's Quick Disconnect. It fit my JD 3320 tractor perfectly, and the toplink is plenty long enough too. Made from very heavy duty steel it is very durable, and takes all of the work out of hooking up implements. Also, the price from Ag Supply just seals the deal.

5 Stars Very Happy I Bought It


Tom C from SC wrote (May 05, 2014):

I bought this because changing implements was always a chore. I looked at getting the other style quick hitch (looks like a large inverted U) but after researching and measuring my implements, I realized that style would not work without major modifications to my implements. The main problem was that the inverted U style has a fixed width and many implements have varying widths at the bottom link points. Ok, now for the Pat's 3-Poing Quick Hitch: I love it! The width can be adjusted to accommodate all my implement link width using the adjustable stabilizer bar. I marked the widths on the bar rod and it makes setting the width for each implement a breeze. By the way, the bar is included with the Quick Hitch at Agri Supply and not at the other sites I looked at. It wasn't even available at one place. You do have to manually connect the top link, if used, but that is easy to line up once the bottom links are attached. I have nothing negative to say. This is a product that performs like it was intended (due

4 Stars One of the most universal quick hitches available


Ken from GA wrote (April 14, 2014):

Installing 3 point equipment is a pain. I researched for some time the available quick hitches. Each has some good as well as not so good points. The main problem with some quick hitches is they are basically made for the same width equipment. Since all my equipment had different widths, I decided to try Pat's hitch, since they allow different widths. The hitch parts are well made and install easily. To help with the connecting of each piece of my equipment, I made a stationary length stabilizer arm and color coded it to the equipment it goes with. I also made my own Lynch pin washers by welding two 1/2" nuts on flat washer, so the washer cannot move out of position while lifting the arms.

3 Stars Useful, but ......


Jim Armstrong from MS wrote (March 19, 2014):

I recently bought this quick hitch for my tractor. Installing the hitch was not quite a slam dunk and took quite a bit of effort and modification to fit my tractor. Here are some points to consider when purchasing: - The instructions give a range of lift arm sizes the hitch will fit, 2-3.75 inches if I remember correctly. My arms were on the small side, which creates several problems on installation. The hitches come with two spacers to level the hitches. Using both of the spacers, it still would not level. I had to add an extra ½ inch spacer plus the two included with the hitch. The hitch comes with two sets of set screws, but with the smaller lift arms the bottom set screw does not contact the lift arms. - With the additional length added to the lift arms, 4 inches, you may have to replace your top link. I had to replace mine. - After the installation, you will have long bolts sticking out from the hitches from the set screws and the U bolt. I don't like that. - I haven't tried any of my PTO eq

5 Stars Great hitch for one man hookups


Tim from NC wrote (March 19, 2014):

Just got this hitch a few days ago. Installed it on my Kubota L3800. I cant begin to tell you how much easier it is to hook up your 3pt equipment especially if your by yourself. It makes life SO much easier than having to get on and off the tractor to get everything lined up just right with the regular ball arms. I would definitely get the crossbar as it will hold your arms in the exact position to hook up whatever implement your working with. Long story short, if you have a 3pt hitch tractor and change your implements very often you will really like this system.

5 Stars Great hitch


outlaw from TX wrote (October 09, 2013):

I bought this hitch because i was tired trying to lined up pins, After installing I back up to the brush hog lifed up and it was on, installed top link and pto shaft. I loved it, the hitch is a one man operation.

5 Stars great one man hitch

Retired from TX wrote (August 29, 2013):

I bought this after prying the brush hog on and off too many times. This hitch took about half an hour to put on, then I back up to the brush hog and hook on to it, what a Dream no prying.

5 Stars THE BEST


GEORGE HOOVER from IN wrote (April 19, 2013):


5 Stars A great help


Kevin from MD wrote (April 09, 2013):

I have been using this on a cat 1 hitch on a rather large tractor. It works wonders when you implement is not sitting exactly level or you have ruts that your tractor wheels get into while hooking up. You may still have to pry with a 2x4 from the side to get the piece centered, but it says tons of aggravation over the normal ball hookup. These will snap into place and lock themselves in. The only other thing I recommend is a hydraulic top link. In fact I am not sure which one has a greater value for me. The hydraulic top link with a round bale spear is as good as it gets for moving round bales.

5 Stars Faster and easier one person hookup

Jim from IA wrote (August 22, 2012):

I installed it on a kubota 4740 with cab, it only took about 20 minutes to install. I found the cross bar to be of littel use, as it got in the way of the PTO shaft.

4 Stars Great For One person hookups.

BleMtnFarm from KY wrote (August 19, 2012):

I have used this for a couple of years. It is very good for one person. Definitely get the stabilizer bar for ease of hook ups. Also, the hitch only comes with enough washers for 3 implements. If you have more than 3 implements, definitely order more washers. The springs and metal that holds the couplers open are fairly weak. Over all a very good hitch system for cat 1 tractors.

5 Stars

Grass cutter from VA wrote (July 04, 2012):

I have a John Deere 4120 and use multiple implements and this has made my life much easier. It is very ease to install on the tractor and I highly recommend this. I can hook-up and disconnect in about 2 or 3 minutes without a big bar to move this around.

2 Stars not worth it on small tractors

J. Poole from SC wrote (June 15, 2012):

The hitch is so bulky that you have to be just as precise in your alignment as with the traditional hitch to get the things to snap instead of either picking up the implement on the hitch body or pushing it away. I suppose the hitch system might work better on larger tractors, but I'm going to go back to the traditional link arms. If possible, try before you buy.

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