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PB™ Blaster® Penetrating Catalyst, 1 Gallon

Item #55354
PB™ BLASTER® Penetrating Catalyst is the original nut and bolt buster. It is uniquely formulated to use capillary action to creep up, around, and into hard to reach places to quickly break free surface tension rust and corrosion. The lubricating oil eliminates rust, corrosion, sticking, and squeaking problems. Additionally, it displaces moisture and does not evaporate so that surfaces remain coated and rust resistant.
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Product Overview
The world famous PB™ Penetrating Catalyst is formulated to have a unique capillary action that allows the lubricant to pull itself upward and into tight cavities to fight rust from all angles. The lubricant saturates rust to break the surface tension and quickly free the rusted or frozen part.

PB™, is a rust inhibitor. The special formula displaces water and does not evaporate, leaving a a concentrated co-polymer penetrant coating on surfaces to lubricate and resist future rust. Developed in 1957, this penetrating catalyst has been time tested and proven to perform. It is safe for all metals.

PB™ Penetrating Catalyst can be used in numerous applications such as starting wet engines, stopping rust and corrosion, lubricate fishing reels, and guns, farm equipment, and industrial applications, electrical and relay equipment, and to prevent the sticking of wheels due to galvanic corrosion.

  • Product 128 PB
  • Formulated in 1957
  • Rust inhibitor
  • Lubricant oil
  • 1 gallon
  • Breaks loose surface tension of rusted or frozen parts
  • Flashpoint 152° F
  • Non-evaporating lubricant
  • Saves time and money by ensuring the user will not have to burned off, drill out nuts and bolts, or other expensive and time consuming means of repairs.
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