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Peanut Sweeps

Agri Supply® sells the blade or sweep that you need for peanut harvesting. We carry sweeps, inverter blades, do all blades, standard style hardfaced blades and replacement bolt kits. Agri Supply ® can help you get a new blade up and running so you dont miss one minute of harvesting your peanuts.

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Peanut Sweep
image 8 inch x 3/16 inch Peanut Sweep
Item # 15377
$12.99 EA
Southern Peanut Sweep
image 6 inch x 3/16 inch Peanut Sweep
Item # 15375
$14.99 EA
Peanut Sweep
image 10 inch x 3/16 inch Peanut Sweep
Item # 15378
$14.99 EA
Southern Peanut Sweep
image 12 inch x 3/16 inch Peanut Sweep
Item # 15379
$14.99 EA
Southern Peanut Sweep
image 16 inch x 1/4 inch Peanut Sweep
Item # 15387
$34.99 EA
Peanut Sweep
image 14 inch x 1/4 inch Peanut Sweep
Item # 15386
$19.99 EA
Southern Peanut Sweep
image 18 inch x 1/4 inch Peanut Sweep
Item # 15388
$37.99 EA

When peanut sweeps are needed, choose from the many sizes offered by Agri Supply. Count on our cultivator sweeps for performance and durability. Browse our tillage sweeps for beet sweeps, Danish sweeps and an assortment of other farm equipment parts as well. Besides plow sweeps, we carry such cultivator parts as plow shins and lister shares, so you're sure to find what suits you.

Browse our peanut sweeps for the size that's right for your fieldwork. Find cultivator sweeps such as Danish and beet sweeps, too, to help you tackle any cultivation challenges.

For durable peanut sweeps you can count on, turn to Agri Supply. Our cultivator sweeps include Danish sweeps and beet sweeps. Tillage sweeps are among the more than 26,000 products that we offer for farm, shop, home and garden. Besides plow sweeps, you'll find cultivator and farm equipment parts ranging from rock shares to spider wheels.

Our peanut sweeps come in many sizes, including 6-, 10- and 18-inch sweeps. Choose our cultivator sweeps with confidence, too, because we guarantees these and most products for one year with our own warranty. From tillage sweeps to beaver tail shovels, we carry the cultivator parts you need to get the job done right. With plow sweeps this varied, Agri Supply should be your first and only choice.