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6 In. Perforated Drain Pipe, Black Sock, 100 Ft Long

Use this perforated drainage pipe to help you control your subsurface water flow. The drain pipe is corrugated and is 6 inches in diameter and 100 foot long. Equipped with a sock, this drain pipe prevents smaller particulates from clogging the perforations.
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Product Overview
This 6 Inch Perforated Drain Pipe is used in various agricultural and home applications to help you control water flow, sub drainage, and distribution. The drain pipe is heavy duty corrugated single wall.

The drainage pipe comes in lengths of 100 feet and is wrapped with a black synthetic sock. Combined with a gravel backfill, the sock helps prevent smaller particulates from clogging the machined perforations.

Constructed of HDPE, this lightweight flexible drainage pipe is corrosive and chemical resistant.

  • Ads 06730100Bs
  • 6 In x 100 Ft
  • Annular Corrugated Single Wall
  • Slot Perforation 0.875" x 0.120"
  • Inlet Area 1.0 In²/Ft
  • 120° 3 Slot Perforation Pattern Rotated 60° Every Other Valley
  • Black Sock To Filter Smaller Particulates
  • HDPE
  • Astm F405

Additional Products Applicable To The Perforated Drain Pipe Include ASC # 11016 6 Inch Snap Tee, ASC # 11017 6 Inch Snap Coupler, ASC # 11018 6 Inch To 4 Inch Reducing Coupler, ASC # 11019 45° Splitter, ASC # 11020 6 Inch Split End Cap, Or ASC # 11021 6 Inch Blind Tee.
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