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30" Prolink Ultra Corrugated Drain Pipe - Bell and Spigot

Item #36684
The 30'' N-12 Prolink Ultra (Bell-Spigot) is a corrugated drain pipe that works for storm water management in residential, agricultural, and projects. It can also be used in recreational projects such as golf courses. This system has a high carrying capacity, features a bell joint, and can handle heavy duty projects. It can resist rust, abrasions, and corrosion. For more information, please see the specifics in the following paragraphs.
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Product Overview
The 30'' N-12 Prolink Ultra (Bell-Spigot) is used as a drainage system for highways, residential areas, golf courses, and many other busy areas. This corrugated drain pipe is built to handle heavy water loads, and can work in both agricultural and commercial projects. This high-density polyethylene pipe resists rust, abrasions, and corrosion.

The diameter of this plastic drain pipe is 30" on the inside, and the total length is 20' long. Each 30" N-12 Prolink Ultra storm water pipe has dual walls for extra durability. The internal wall is smooth, and the external wall is made of corrugated plastic for additional strength. Every pipe has bell joints. Each belled end fits right into the next storm water pipe; this ensures a tight fit, and it reduces your installation costs since it takes less time to complete.

Each storm water pipe is prepared using reinforced polyethylene; this heavy duty material offers extra strength.

Use this plastic drain pipe for all of your storm water management needs. This high quality corrugated drain pipe is quick and inexpensive to install, and the high-density polyethylene pipes ensure a long life.

  • 30" inside diameter
  • 20' long
  • Two walls: interior smooth wall and exterior corrugated wall
  • Belled end design
  • High-density polyethylene pipes
  • Polymer composite on the outside of the bell joint to improve the joint's integrity and tolerance control
  • High load carrying capacity
  • Quick and easy installation
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