Dual Wall, Soil Tight Drainage Pipe, 18" x 20', ADS


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The 18 in. N-12® Prolink Ultra (Bell-Spigot) is a superior storm water pipe. This corrugated drain pipe is perfect for use in highways, residential areas, golf courses, and other recreational areas. It is also excellent for use as an agricultural drain pipe. It features a bell and spigot and is made of high-density polyethylene plastic. The information below offers further details.

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  • N-12® dual wall drainage pipe
  • Dimensions: 18 inch diameter x 20 feet
  • ADS 18850020IB
  • Dual wall construction: exterior corrugated, interior smooth
  • Integrated bell and spigot system for connecting
  • Flared bell, tapered spigot
  • Gasket on spigot meets ASTM F477 standards
  • Soil tight joint for standard storm water and culvert applications

Agri Supply® carries other N-12® ST IB pipes. See ASC #33700 for 12 inch diameter, ASC #33701 for 15 inch diameter, and ASC #33703 for 24 inch diameter drain pipe.

  18" X 20' N-12 PROLINK ULTRA in Corrugated Drain Pipe and Plumbing Supplies at Agri Supply ®.

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