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Pruners & Saws

Agri Supply is proud to stock a wide selection of Pruners & Saws along with our huge variety of agriculture, gardening, cooking and outdoor products. We stand behind all 26,000 items we sell with our Satisfaction Guarantee. Customer Service is the cornerstone of our family business, and has been for over 50 years.

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Bypass Lopper
image Bond® 5826 24" Bypass Loppers
Item # 24057
$19.99 EA
Lopping Shear
image Bond® 8338 Telescopic Bypass Loppers
Item # 24073
$44.99 EA
Forged Bypass Pruner
image Forged Bypass Pruner
Item # 48171
$11.99 EA
WORX Cordless 13 String Trimmer/Edger
image WORX Cordless 13" String Trimmer/Edger 40V WG183
Item # 128806
$294.99 EA
In stores only
8 Bypass Pruner
image 8" Bypass Pruner
Item # 48171A
$8.38 EA
In stores only
WORX Hedge Trimmer with Lithium-Ion Battery
image WORX Hedge Trimmer with Lithium-Ion Battery 40 V 24 in. WG284
Item # 128807
$269.99 EA
In stores only
WORX Cordless Turbine Blower with Brushless Motor
image WORX Cordless Turbine Blower with Brushless Motor WG584
Item # 128808
$339.99 EA
In stores only
WORX Auto-Tension Chainsaw Lithium-Ion 40V 14 in.
image WORX Auto-Tension Chainsaw Lithium-Ion 40V 14 in. WG384
Item # 128809
$459.99 EA
In stores only
21 Bypass Lopper 8 Pruner Set
image Black & Decker 21" Bypass Lopper, " Pruner Set
Item # 122145
$45.99 ST
Lithium Ion Hydroshot 40 V Power Cleaner
image Hydroshot Lithium Ion Portable Power Cleaner 40V WG644
Item # 128185
$359.99 EA
In stores only
Pruning Saw, Double Edge, 15 In. Long
image Pruning Saw, Double Edge, 15 In. Long
Item # 72961
$13.66 EA
In stores only
image EP36 EZ PRUNER 36 INCH
Item # 51907
$28.99 EA
In stores only
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Pruners are essential tools in your lawn and yard care arsenal. With long-reach pole pruners, those pesky overgrown branches can be safely trimmed back. Other tree pruners include our brass loppers which come in red handled or green handled models and in sizes from 27" in length to 29". And if you need pruning tools for lower level plants and trees, check out Agri Supply's selection of anvil pruners.

Choose high quality pruners from Agri Supply this season. We stock pole pruners and tree pruners to get at those hard-to-reach branches.

Look to Agri Supply for pruners when overgrowth from trees, shrubs and stubborn plants has begun creeping into your yard or lawn. Choose from pole pruners and long-handled bypass pruners like our green or red-handled bypass loppers. These rugged tree pruners range in sizes from 27" to 29" in overall length, so you can get at those high branches with ease. We offer more pruning tools to tackle branches that seem impossible to reach, such as our heavy duty long reach pruners that span 5 ½' to 7 ½'.

Many of our pruners feature very strong precision ground blades to help you snap away even the most stubborn branches and hedges. Besides our pole pruners, we also carry professional anvil pruners which offer a ¾" diameter cutting capacity, a heavy-duty steel body and cushioned grips. Among our tree pruners, it's worth investigating our long reach pruners and durable homeowner tree pruners. Other pruning tools no gardener should be without include our ash-handled hedge shears, which are also built around a precision ground blade for extra-strong cutting and trimming.