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PTO Cross Kit # 5

Maintain the performance on your rotary cutter by replacing any worn cross and bearing kits. A cross shaft is important to the overall function of the machine. It distributes power from the drive shaft to the rest of the equipment. This cross and bearing kit is a 5 series.
Product Overview

Designed to condition and support the durability of the PTO drive shaft on rotary cutters, this cross shaft is a 5 series that may fit with a 5 series drive shaft. The measurements of this cross kit are the cap diameters of 30.2 mm and cross height of 80 mm. There are four external ring snaps that connect on the outside of each bearing. The bearings rotate and disburse the power throughout the machine so that all the equipment can work properly together. Without proper right cross kit, drive shaft lacks support and poorly distributes power that could lead to other parts getting damaged.

  • PTO Cross Kit
  • Series size: 5
  • Cap diameter: 30.2 mm
  • Cross height: 80 mm
  • External snap rings
  • For a 5 Series drive shaft
  • Rotating bearings
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