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Red Cedar Bedding , 2 Cubic Ft. Expands To 5 Cubic Ft.

Eliminate odor and provide your rodent, rabbit, or other small pet a comfortable home with all natural red cedar wood shavings bedding. This bedding is sludge free and does not have any added toxins or dioxins.
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Product Overview

Provide your pet with a warm, clean, and healthy environment by changing out their bedding with all natural red cedar wood shavings. These shavings, kiln dried to kill bacteria and triple screened to remove dust, are an absorbent and biodegradable alternative to cat litter. This all natural bedding is also produced sludge free, meaning it does not contain fiber collected from pulp mill clarifier solids. It is dioxin free and has no additives or toxins.

  • Premier Pet™ Red Cedar Wood Shavings bedding
  • 2 cubic ft. and expands to 5 cubic ft.
  • All natural red cedar wood
  • Sludge free
  • Dioxin free
  • Great stall bedding
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