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Redball ® Spray Monitor

Item #29558
The Redball ® spray monitor is a useful flow indicator during the application of liquid chemicals and fertilizers. The spray monitor does not regulate the flow of the liquid but it is an extra set of eyes to instantly see if your fertilizer or herbicides are flowing properly. The Redball ® spray monitor is constructed of clear poly with four monitoring chambers on a manifold. The monitor has a 3/4 inch swivel hose barb that will work with a 3/8 inch hose.
Product Overview
The Redball ® spray monitor will help prevent the misapplication of important herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers. With one look, you can visually monitor if you are keeping application rates even among rows. The spray monitor is constructed of clear poly with 4 flow chambers on a manifold.

This easy to install monitor works by using brightly colored balls in each column to indicate application rates. If all of the balls are in a straight line, you have even flow rates. If a ball is lower, you can inspect that line for a plug or worn nozzle. If a ball is higher, you may have a damaged hose or leaky connections.

Because each fluid varies in density and viscosity, the Redball ® spray monitor comes with five different sets of interchangeable balls for monitoring different flow rates. A flow rate table is included.

The spray monitor comes with two blanks that can replace the 90 degree swivel hose barbs. The 3/8" hose barbs can be used with a 3/8" hose.

  • Four column unit
  • 4 Red glass balls
  • 4 Red plastic balls
  • 4 Green plastic balls
  • 4 Steel balls
  • 4 Black plastic balls
  • 5 Nuts and 6 gaskets
  • 2 Blank Disks
  • 4 90° 3/8 inch hose barbs

Use ASC # 36481 for 3/8" elbow replacements, ASC # 36482 for 1/2" elbow connections, ASC # 36483 replacement Viton® washers and ASC # 36480 for replacement nuts.
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